More errors to avoid on an exam

You neglect spelling and grammar

Although it may not be a language exam, any teacher or board expects students – or whoever is sitting the exam – to be able to at least write a legible response. Basic spelling errors, the lack of agreement between the subject and the verb, the use of neologisms or invented words, or of excessively colloquial terms, all these have consequences on the image of the student – future professional – and, automatically, on his grades.

You don’t check your work

Indeed, time allotted for written exams is sometimes too short. However, it’s always advisable to save the last five minutes for a quick revision of your answers. A careful reading will help you avoid foolish mistakes, such as writing a name instead of another, obvious grammar errors, misspelled numbers (like, for instance, Law 13868 instead of Law 13688), mistakes that occur when you write hurriedly. It is always useful to make a final check, carefully reading your work before handing it over. In order to do this, you need to assess and organize your time very well.