Activities used to teach children to read and write are composed of a sequence of exercises that can be performed at home or at school, by parents or by teachers. The advantage of this type of exercises meant to teach reading and writing is that children have fun playing these games during the class or at home, while teachers and parents rest assured that their children improve their writing abilities.

Activities for teaching children to read and write

Before performing these activities to teach children to read and write, we need to ask ourselves if the children are ready to grasp this new knowledge. Before learning to write, the child must be able to make correlations between symbols, speak fluently, have a good eye-hand coordination, and be properly stimulated at home and in the classroom. If the child has grasped these abilities, then we can proceed with the activities for learning to read and write.


Writing letters on the back: This activity for teaching to read and write requires dividing the group of children into pairs. One child in the pair writes a letter or a short word on the back of the other. The child in front has to guess the letter or word that has been traced on his back.


The shopping game: In this activity for children, that can be performed either at home or at school, you need to set up a market with a food department and some toys to represent groceries. It is much more fun if you can set up several departments. The adult dictates a list of foods that the children have to write. Nobody can go shopping unless their list is written correctly. The winner is the child who buys all the foods on the list.


The animal encyclopedia: This is an activity for teaching to read and write that also reinforces attainments. Each child needs to draw an animal they know on a card, then write their name and some features that they know of. For example, if the child draws an elephant, he/she could write that it is grey, eats plants and lives in herds. These are simple facts that the child could have heard during a class, or he/she simply knows.


The train of syllables: In the first part of this activity for teaching to read and write, pupils must make cards on which they write combinations of consonants (P, T, N, M, R, S, D) to which they add vowels. Once the children have finished doing this, the teacher will ask them to build words starting with a certain letter, using the syllables they have written.



Each letter has a pair.

In a previous article, we have talked about the best method to teach children to read. We mentioned when and how to do it, some advice for helping them read and other things related to this task, and also the fact that it is best to start from early infancy, in order to ensure a good psychological and educational development.

Leaving aside topics like the ideal age to do it, which is always a reason for controversy, now we are focusing on fun ways to make reading happen. In other words, we will present a few games for learning to read. The good part of this method is that it is not constricted by age, as it practically is a way of having a good time.


The road to mastering one of the most important abilities specific to human beings.