What is an APA reference generator and How can I use it?

APA reference generator is an electronic tool that offers assistance when it comes to formatting your APA reference page and in structuring your APA citation in proper and accurate format. APA reference generator is designed to help researchers, students and anyone who needs it in citing utilized sources and references during writing process. The good thing about this online tool is that it automatically generates your APA citation by following all the standards mandated by the American Psychological Association (APA) for citing your references in writing academic papers.


APA citations are brief notes provided in alphabetical order and it appears at the end of your research paper, report paper, thesis or any kind of academic paper, otherwise known as the APA reference page. It is not easy to do APA citations especially if it is your first time to do it. A need for you to consult thick confusing APA manuals just to learn how to do proper APA format should be done in order for you to accomplish such task. But nowadays, through the use of APA reference generator or any kind of citation generator makes the life of student or researcher a lot easier. They just have to know the required elements of a source and enter it in the required tools then voila! APA citations are automatically generated.


The main purpose of APA reference generator is to appropriately acknowledge the sources of perceptions, ideas, and quoted passages that you have utilized in writing your academic or scholarly document. A complete APA citation usually includes author, the title of the article, the publisher, the date of publication and any other essential information or data.


It is very vital that you cite all your references in the APA reference page through the use of APA reference generator in order to validate the claims, facts and data stated in your academic paper. Quoting other writer’s words or thoughts without proper acknowledgement or citation of their work can lead to plagiarism accusations which has serious consequences. This is the reason why it is imperative to do APA citations manually or through the utilization of APA reference generator or citation generator. This helps you in grounding your data and ideas into context.

Here is a video to help you understand the topic a bit further:

However, in most instances, if you have a long list of references, you might find it a little bit challenging to cite all of your sources in the APA citation style. Furthermore, standards for citing various print and electronic sources vary, thus checking on style manuals for each individual entry can be a time consuming work. APA reference generator is helpful when it comes to these cases for it automatically translates and formats the information you provide into the APA citation style to suit APA reference page. It only requires the student or researcher to provide the necessary data or citation elements, and then the APA reference generator will do the rest of the work, saving you amounts of effort and time.


Almost APA reference generator or citation generator that you can find online are free to use. And aside from the mere fact that it is very easy tool to use, it also ensures proper and accurate formatting for APA citation.